KiBiz Overall Benefits

  • Your Small business Can Do Big Business
    With the advent of the Internet, small businesses are now capable of marketing their products on a worldwide scale. This also means they potentially can face competition from all over the globe. To successfully compete in today's global marketplace they need to build a strong infrastructure. This infrastructure is critical to giving them the capability to operate as productively and efficiently as possible. The key element of building this capability is a business management software system. Any business can go out and buy the computer hardware and network capability they may need, but the missing key factor is to have business operating system software that can fit your business processes exactly in order to receive and process orders quickly and accurately.

    The KiBiz System is this missing piece that can make a profound difference in the way your company operates. It is not just another database to hold your business data, but it is powerful engine that can automate and accelerate all of your business processes. It is also a cost effective solution as it combines the functionality of 10 major business software programs into one integrated system. It will pay for itself in a short time as it will eliminate the need for all the piecemeal software programs you are using, and reduce staff time spent doing elaborate workarounds and busywork. Instead of trying make this patchwork of different programs fit your business process, you can continually customize KiBiz to meet your current as well as future needs.
  • Your Business Can Be More Productive & Profitable
    The main problem most small businesses have is they have a lot to do, in a short amount a time with not enough people to do them. The KiBiz System is like having 5 extra staff members and it makes each staff member you do have much more productive. Your entire business will become more productive, and it opens up entirely new possibilities of what your work you can get done in much less time. This makes your business much more responsive to your existing customers and makes you more capable of handling the business of even more customers.

    With KiBiz System you will develop more confidence that you can handle the growth of your business responsibly and efficiently. This added ability to respond to your customers will make your business more profitable. You will be making more money by having more orders and your cost of sale will be less as you will process their orders with less staff time and effort. This is why the KiBiz is essential for a small business to compete in today’s highly competitive marketplace. With the increased capability that the KiBiz will give your company, your business will be more productive, decrease your operating costs, therefore becoming more profitable.
  • Your Business will be More Efficient
    Most businesses enter their contact information into a Contact Management program like ACT, Goldmine, or Outlook, then they might use Excel, Access, or Word, or another program to process orders and track inventory, and use Quickbooks or M.Y.O.B to do the accounting. Each time they use a different program there is a need to either reenter data, or find ways to transfer it from one to the other. With the Ki Biz System you can do all of this with just one program. Data will only be entered once and used in many ways by many people. The KiBizSystem will make your business more efficient. It has all the features you need to manage contacts, produce quotes, process orders, control inventory, and do the accounting. Plus, it does much more than this. This is real Efficiency!!!
  • More Management Control
    Many small businesses have no idea how they are doing until once a quarter they get back some accounting reports from their accountant. Even then they don’t learn everything they need to know how well their business is functioning. Many business owners tend to fly by the seat of their pants, guessing from certain intangible factors how things are going. Not knowing with certainty whether you are making or losing money can be very stressful and anxiety producing. There is a tendency to focus on fighting fires and identifying scapegoats when there is no real overview on the overall business performance.

    The KiBizSystem takes away the anxiety and stress of uncertainty by giving an owner and manager instant management status reports. Managers shift their focus from people behaviors to business system processes. With a click of a button you can know how many outstanding quotes, orders, purchase orders, invoices you have. You can know the current costs on production jobs. You can know the profit margins on quotes before they are approved. You can know the current inventory on each product. You can know which products need to be reordered and which are backordered. These dynamic management status reports will give you the control you need to manage your business more effectively with a lot less stress.

    By having more information at your fingertips, you will be more informed to make better management decisions. You will have the ability to analyze your processes more deeply to see what is working and what isn’t. From this perspective of greater certainty you will see more possibilities and have greater flexibility to respond effectively since you won’t be as driven by the anxiety of not knowing.
  • More Effective Management Style
    When a manager is consumed with minor details and fire fighting, there is little time or energy left to see the bigger picture and provide the leadership necessary to be a successful company. KiBiz management controls can free the manager to use their time more effectively. The KiBiz gives a manager greater controls over your business processes. There are built-in customizable mechanisms to make sure that certain conditions set by the manager are met before a business process can be completed. For example, a quote can't be approved and turned to an order until the profit margins are within a certain range, a deposit is made, and credit has been approved. This gives the manager the ability to control the quote approval process with software. By knowing that this control is in place, it frees the manager to play other roles such as a coach or an inspiration leader to the staff.
  • Better Problem-Solving Capability
    The KiBiz increases the ability for all managers and staff to solve business problems. By having one common fully integrated business system it is easier to search and find the source of a problem. There is no need to open hundreds of separate documents to find what you are looking for. The KiBiz gives everyone the ability to drill down to see the detail from transactions or processes. It is much easier to see the connections and spot the relationships between key data elements to understand the nature of problem. The KiBiz has easy to use Find Menu’s from which to conduct searches, as well as each field in the entire system is searchable. In addition there are dynamic data portals to bring up all related data based on your selection of key filters. So, the fact that all data is related in one system significantly speeds up the problem solving and trouble shooting process.

    For example, if the sales person who usually deals with a customer was sick one day, and you needed to know how the negotiations were proceeding to make another quote that day, all you would need to do is reference the contact activity history to learn what has transpired. There you could see all the activities with this client, such as phone call and meeting notes; faxes, emails, letters that have been sent. Now, you can make an informed choice as to what to do next, and the problem is solved. Or, you want to know how many customers owe you money on invoices that are more than 30 days old. Presto, you can create an Accounts receivable report. There are over 50 built-in reports and it is easy to create more custom reports.
  • Better Teamwork and Coordination
    Many small businesses don’t have a clear source of information that is available for people to find out what is happening. So, there is a tendency to rely on gossip, rumor, and innuendo to find out. This lack of clear reliable information slows down the business process and makes everyone less productive. A closed or unorganized system creates a business culture of distrust and insecurity. The multi-user KBS reverses this trend to foster a open information culture that inspires trust, supports teamwork, and enables greater coordination.

    By having a credible database that is continually being updated which all staff depending on their access privileges can refer to, keeps each staff informed as to what has already taken place, what is currently occurring, and what needs to happen next. With this information it becomes easier to play their roles and be a contributing team player. It enables each department to better understand the workloads and processes of other departments, so they can then better coordinate their processes. A reliable data source makes it easier for one staff member to pick up where another left off, or who to see if there is question or problem. Overall, KiBiz as a multi-user integrated business system develops greater cohesiveness and coordination amongst the entire staff to make the business as whole more responsive to its customers.
  • Empower Staff for Greater Accountability and Responsiveness
    Often times in a company or department, one or two people keep all the key information in their head, and others become dependent upon them in order to make decisions or get things done. The hoarding or withholding of information can be de-empowering to other staff, for they are limited in their ability to respond to a customer’s needs. They have to put the customer on hold, while they try to find this special person. It would serve the customer faster if all they needed to do was to find the information in the database. An employee who is not given the information they need to do their job, can use this as an excuse or reason to not be responsible or accountable. They can play the “victim” or “poor me” role and blame others or the company for their lack of performance. Likewise, the manager can blame them for not performing up to expectations. This vicious cycle of blame and complaint is a lose-lose situation for everyone, the employee loses, the manager loses, the company loses, and the customer loses.

    KiBiz breaks this losing cycle by empowering employees with the appropriate information they need in a timely manner. If they are taking an order from a customer, they can access their purchase history and see if they have an outstanding balance. If, they are making a quote they can get the latest pricing and discounts and see how many are in stock. Data such as this is critical in making a quick accurate sale. A manager can give the sales rep read only access to the pricing so they can be assured that prices won’t be changed inadvertently and yet, the sales rep can give the customer accurate information and proceed with sales process. So, this is just one example of how the KBS can enable employees to be empowered so they can be more accountable and responsive to produce optimum results.
  • Play a Creative Role in the Development of your Custom Business System
    Often you hear complaints and expressions of frustration by small business owners who struggle with off-the-shelf software to run their businesses. They just want to be able to make a simple change in layout, or add a field, or create a report and they can’t do it. The software won’t allow it. So, they will go to through some elaborate creative steps to manipulate the data in some way using other programs, or even doing it manually to do what they want done. KiBiz eliminates this frustration and supports you to play an active creative role in the on-going tweaking process to customize this system to best serve the needs of your business. The source code is open in KiBiz so you are free to add fields, modify layouts, create custom reports, and even connect your data to new files. So, as your business grows and changes your business system can also grow and change. This assures that you will get an even greater return on your investment, since there is no limit on growing your database system.
  • Enjoy your Work More
    When you are caught up in busy work, putting out fires, and you don’t know how your business is doing, work is not much fun. When you can automate routine tasks, handle your work swiftly and efficiently, and know where you stand, work becomes a lot more enjoyable. KiBiz takes away a lot of your worries and anxiety and makes your business run more smoothly with it many powerful features and benefits. By giving you the added resources of 5 staff people, it boosts your ability to operate your business more easily. This contribution by KiBiz makes it possible for you to enjoy your work more and gives you more time to relax and enjoy your life.
  • More Affordable than Typical Business and Accounting Systems
    The price of a typical business management system can range from $20,000 to $60,000 for a small business. Of course, if you were to get an ERP or MRP system it could easily run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the size. KiBiz is in a much more affordable range, from $1,000 to $10,000.

    The KiBiz is an affordable investment that will pay for itself in a short time.