Integrate Automate and Expand your Business with KiBiz
It's more than a place to store data, it's a powerful engine to drive and automate your business processes!

Sales Management

The KiBizSystem is configurable so it can be used for many business types to enter product and service information. You can set-up custom pricing structures if you like. If your business carries an inventory, you know how important it is to keep track of that inventory properly. Whenever, you sell an item, or receive an item that you purchased the inventory will be automatically updated. There is a products sold history screen that gives you instant stats on each item sold. You can manage your inventory from the inventory list view to see all the relevant inventory data at a glance.
Benefits & Features
  • Fast and Easy
    • Generates quotes & orders quickly and easily
    • Use pick lists to add items
    • Use quick search to look at all relevant fields to find items
    • Select Customer and all relevant data is brought in
    • Pick Ship locations from list, or enter third party ship address
    • Pick items from Customer Sales History
  • Sales Automation
    • One click to auto create order, purchase orders, work orders, and production orders
    • Email quotes and invoices with one click
    • Allocate inventory automatically
    • Predetermine whether an item will need to be bought or made to then auto create PO's or Production orders
  • Expandable and Flexible
    • Use 7 Pick lists to add producs, services, and labor
    • Flexible pricing options to tweak quotes
  • Use Powerful Tools
    • Duplicate quote and line items so each quote is a template
    • Revise quotes easily create different versions for your customers
    • Process Credit card payments
    • Pick list of upsell and related products to enhance sales
    • Track requests for products you don't carry
    • Salesperson Admin screen to find open quotes, and act on scheduled followups
  • Get Better Results
    • Set up approval conditions to ensure acceptable profit margin, tech and credit approval
    • Easily tweak and revise quotes to beat competition