Integrate Automate and Expand your Business with KiBiz
It's more than a place to store data, it's a powerful engine to drive and automate your business processes!

KiBiz Admin

The KiBiz Admin area provides resources and tools to support the performance of other KiBiz modules. It contains currency, tax, zip code, and area code tables that the Sales and Contact modules can use. It has tools to control the look of the layouts, change the module icons, add menu items to the action and report menus, and make it easier to import your current data into KiBiz.
Benefits & Features
  • Expandable and Flexible
    • Multi currency tables to identify currency symbols, and exchange rates
    • Tax tables to hold local, county, state and federal tax data
    • Zip code and Area Code lookup tables
  • Powerful Tools
    • Use Layout Look Tool to define module colors and icons
    • Use Menu Items Tool to add new menu items to Action and Report menus
    • Use Excel Import Templates to easily bring in Contact and Product Data from current system.