Process your Daily Orders Faster, Easier, and Better with KiBiz Bakery Distribution
Increase your accuracy, capacity, and speed of your distribution business

Daily Sales Management

With the KiBiz Bakery Distribution program you can set up standing daily orders for each customer. These orders can easily be built, duplicated, and modified. You can set-up custom pricing structures if you like for each customer.
Benefits & Features
  • Fast and Easy
    • Set up standing daily orders to then process quickly
    • Use quick find pick lists to select items to build your daily orders
    • Use pop up quick entry screen to enter item no's quickly
    • Use previous sales history pick list to add items to standing orders
    • Insert items into daily order at any point you prefer to have them show up
  • Powerful Tools
    • Manage your routes by connecting each customer with route no and sequence
    • Setup one day's order and then copy the same order to the rest of the days with the click of a button. Then you can easily edit if there are any differences.
    • Move items up or down in the standing order using the arrow keys on the keyboard
  • More accurate orders
    • By defining and maintaining standing orders it will increase the accuracy of the order
    • Override quantity needed on the standing order for any day, and then have it revert back to the standing order quanity.
  • Know profit margins
    • Run daily sales report to know profits and margins each day for each customer
  • Flexible Pricing
    • Maintain custom customer price lists