Product Description

Integrated NRG Shipping module to do shipping to UPS, FedEX, DHL, or US Post Office, directly within KiBiz.

Offer Merchant account to do credit card processing from within KiBiz

Offer Bar Code fonts.

Scan Customer signatures for credit card and in-house account transactions


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Use the NRG Shipping module integrated into KiBiz to ship packages to UPS, Fed Ex, USPO, and other Freight companies. KiBiz will send the shipping to Shipping module that then will be sent to carrier. The tracking number and actual ship cost then will be entered back into KiBiz for billing and ship notications to customer.

Credit Card Processing

Get a third party Merchant account from KiBiz, and then use this to quickly process credit card payments for your Sales and Invoices. With the click of a button the credit card payment is processed and the invoice is marked as paid.

Bar Code Fonts and Labels

Create your own custom bar code labels with over 7 bar code fonts. This third party solution has been fully integrated into KiBiz, to enable you to enter and read UPC barcodes, or create your own smart bar codes based on your SKU's.


Scan in Customer signature for customer accounts and credit card transactions
  • Automate the Shipping process by connecting directly to UPS, FedEX and USPO
  • Compare Shipping rates to find the best price
  • Get your own Merchant account, and process credit card payments quickly
  • Create your own smart bar code labels to track your items, and enter items easily in the POS.