Expand and Accelerate Customer Sales with Web and iPhone Sales Entry
Build Closer Relations with your Customers and Provide Better Customer Support

Product Description

Mobile and Web application that enables customers to enter their orders directly into KiBiz Sales module. Customers login via their browser on their mobile device or their computer to place their order. They will see their order history and can just edit the quantities on the items they want to reorder, or they can add new items. Upon submission, the order will show up in the KiBiz Sales screen to be processed.


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Customer login

Set up unique user names and password for your customers to login and place orders directly into your KiBiz Sales module.
  • Fast and Easy
    • Secure customer login with unique user name and password
    • Calls up their order history

Sales Order

Allow your customers to view their order history, and then place new orders easily. They can just tweak the quantity to order, or they can add new items to their order. When they hit the submit button, the order is immediately created in your local KiBiz Sales module.
  • Fast and Easy
    • Customer can quickly edit the quantity to order or add a new item, and submit their order
    • Customer can view their invoice history and balance due
    • Customer can view and edit their payment infomation
  • Save time and money by automating the order entry process
  • Make it easier for customers to enter their orders
  • Grow your business by being able to handle more orders
  • Serve your customers better by speeding up the order entry process
  • "I have begun using the KiBiz iPhone interface. The nature of my work doesn't always allow me to be at my computer when I need to access customer and sales information. The KiBiz for IPhone allows me to access customer records, sales data, and product information from anywhere. As a result I am able to provide better customer service and I am able to track sales when I am out of the office. It is a great addition to the KiBiz business management system."
    Chris McGraw -- Owner, Halibut Point Marine Services Sitka, AL
  • “We’re ecstatic about the new iPhone app. for Ki Biz. This is the ultimate deal for us.”
    Ralph Quilllin, Founder & Owner, Quillin Leather & Tack