Connect to your Live Business Data Wherever you Are
Make Sales, Use Contact Data, and Get Company Overview Anytime, Anywhere

Product Description

Mobile application of KiBiz Basic Sales that enables users to create, edit, and view contacts, products, inventory, and sales on the iPhone, Droid, Palm, or Nexus One. Free yourself from the office, and still be connected to your important data wherever you are. Be productive and in touch, whatever you are doing. Impress your customers with the speed that you can enter and process their orders. This is all possible with KiBiz Sales for the iPhone.

To test KiBiz Mobile, enter this url on your mobile browser:


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Know where your business stands by seeing all the key metrics. Such as current bank balance, AR and AP balance, Sales this month, Sales this year and more. Click on link for Open Quotes to go to these Sales in progress.
  • Fast and Easy
    • Get Quick overview of where business stands
    • Click link on Current Sales to go to open Quotes


Make sales and send off quotes right from your iPhone. Quickly find all the open quotes, and revise them as needed. Field Sales reps can immediately enter their sales and have the home office start to process the orders. Don't have to wait for the Salesperson to get back to the office to sync.
  • Fast and Easy
    • View open sales immediately
    • Edit current sales by adding items or changing prices
    • Add new sales
  • Powerful Tools
    • Email pdf quotes to customer from iPhone
    • Know inventory availability when creating new sales
    • Ability to tweak prices to get sale


View all your contacts information and execute contact activities right from your iPhone. Click to dail numbers, send emails, or go to contact web sites. Update contact information, and get updated information from the office with your live connection. No syncing necessary.
  • Fast and Easy
    • Use Quick Search to find contacts
  • Powerful Tools
    • Dial Contact Phone numbers
    • Send Emails to contact
    • Go to Contact Web site
    • Create a Sale


Get up to date inventory availability on your iPhone. Know the prices, or even tweak your pricing. Add new products, and update product information right on your iPhone.
  • Fast and Easy
    • Quick search to find items
    • Add items easily to sales
  • Powerful Tools
    • Know inventory availability
    • Add and modify prices

Features of KiBiz Mobile for Sales on the iPhone

  • Connect to live data directly
  • Add, Edit, or Delete live data
  • Know where your business stands at any moment
  • "I have begun using the KiBiz iPhone interface. The nature of my work doesn't always allow me to be at my computer when I need to access customer and sales information. The KiBiz for IPhone allows me to access customer records, sales data, and product information from anywhere. As a result I am able to provide better customer service and I am able to track sales when I am out of the office. It is a great addition to the KiBiz business management system."
    Chris McGraw -- Owner, Halibut Point Marine Services Sitka, AL
  • “We’re ecstatic about the new iPhone app. for Ki Biz. This is the ultimate deal for us.”
    Ralph Quilllin, Founder & Owner, Quillin Leather & Tack