Better Results

The last couple of years our Company went from bad to worse. The recession and our devastating flood had us tired and beaten down. Ki Systems worked with me in every way possible and even more than I could ask. Thank you!

During this time you have seen me invest the largest single investment in our 28th year history. The dollars spent on an “IT Manager” and more, which made this very expensive. When I back out our side of costs, the full transformation will be proven to be an excellent investment.

The good news is we have reached my goal of web to order and full office automation. Today we no longer have an IT manager or billing clerk. The savings per year will repay our investment in three years.

Our name is now changed to EMA –Printed Solutions for Distributors.

Today we offer solutions and the integration solely because of Ki System's unique skill set and Company. In January we processed 500+ web orders at $0.00 administration costs. This added to our regular business, will regain profitability and clear vision of our future.
Aaron D. Hyte, President, EMA, Atlanta, GA
“What used to take ten people all day to do, now takes us half a day and one person. The company would not have been able to grow the way it has without KiBiz in place for the past 9 years.”
DARREN MOCK -- Operations Director, Revolver, USA San Francisco, CA
Our company is now enjoying substantial savings in labor and time over the 8 years we have used KiBiz. Today, just one of our employees handles the entire order and delivery process. In a single 8 hour day, this one employee accomplishes much more using the KiBiz System, than three employees were able to accomplish in 10 hours a day, prior to installing KiBiz. I’m very happy with the system. I could go on and on about it forever because it absolutely has made my life a lot easier and opened my eyes up to a lot… that benefited my business and enabled me to make it what it is today.”
LOUIS BENTIVEGNA -- CEO, Reliable Bakery, Brooklyn, NY
"Since installing KiBiz, mistakes have been cut to just about zero. The expense of fixing mistakes and rushing missing items to job sites is way down, which helps our profit margins increase."
MICHAEL KREVITT-- Partner, Show Group Production Services, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
“We save a good 16 hours a month alone, just on the time it takes to bill our fuel accounts.With the KiBiz System, forms and reports for all the different parts of our business are easy for me to generate. The System already has all the data – all I have to do is create the form, fill it in and print it out. It generates the completed form with all necessary information where it’s needed. No other software I’ve used or researched could do this for me.”

Chris McGraw, Owner, Halibut Point Marine Services
The KiBiz System has opened up totally new markets for EMA.
TREY MILLER – Office Manager/IT Director, EMA Atlanta, GA
“We’ve gained 10 – 15% in efficiency. We’re able to make more things and get more done in less time. If anyone were to ask me if I think they should go with KiBiz, I’d tell them unequivocally, this is who you need to go with. You need to buy your software from this KiBiz Systems because A, they’ll take care of you and B, they’ll treat you the way you want to be treated.”
Ralph Quilllin, Founder & Owner, Quillin Leather & Tack
“With the Ki Biz System we’ve automated our production, we’ve moved from the paper system to integrating our entire business. It allows us to do everything we do, better.” – Khai Foo, Founder/Owner, Solus Decor
Khai Foo,Founder/Owner, Solus Decor

Business Integration

"By integrating all our point of sale transactions with accounting, the KiBiz System, eliminates the need for us to manually transfer sales data, which previously was his routine, into his accounting program at the end of each business day. In addition to the time saved by this integration, it also allows us to more easily provide better service to our customers."
Chris McGraw -- Owner, Halibut Point Marine Services Sitka, AL
With our accounting department integrated into KiBiz, EMA realized big savings. Before installing KiBiz, our accountants would come to their office each month and pick up boxes full of reports covering all their transactions for the month. It would take weeks for them to reconcile the previous month. Once on KiBiz, all the information was easily exported. The accountants could simply log-on and get the information they needed. Over the course of the year we saved thousands.
"This is really incredible, you can run your entire business from these files. I have yet to see any business administration programs available that are to this level of comprehensiveness. We were using Goldmine to manage our contacts, Excel to process our orders, and Quickbooks for our accounting. Now, we don't need any of these programs, with the KiBizSystem we can do everything we want and much more."
M. Cruz, Director, Guitar Center Systems, Sunland, CA
"Being able to combine into one integrated system has improved our day to day operations incredibly. We went from a totally chaotic time wasting “paper based” office with our sales and operations departments not knowing what each other was doing to a fully integrated efficient office with KiBiz. I think the best part about it is that all of our sales data, inventory control and client contact info is in one place."

Now while our sales people are on the phone with a client, equipment availability can be checked and quotes generated immediately. Less time is spent tracking info down that was spread all over our offices. By reducing our error rate incredibly, less time is spent just getting jobs out the door. This has really allowed us to maximize our profit potential on each order.
MICHAEL KREVITT-- Partner, Show Group Production Services, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
The shortages that had been a regular problem and so time consuming to resolve, ceased to be an issue. KiBiz calculates and integrates the data involved in production more accurately than our old system was ever able to. Today, using KiBiz, NY Brooklyn Bread accomplishes more than ever, with a much higher degree of efficiency, yielding a more profitable operation for our company.
Jarod Coppolo, Controller, NY Brooklyn Bread, Brooklyn, NY
“KiBiz tracks every little piece of information that is required for us to effectively make our products, make them on time and to specification. And, the user interface had to be fairly fluid in order for it to work for us.

Finding a business system that could handle the unique and rigorous demands of our company has been critical to our growth and success. Being a small design and manufacturing firm, we needed a system that could handle everything from contact and sales management to marketing, accounting and our very specific production processes. The KiBiz system offered an impressive and comprehensive base package which handled 75% of our needs. From there, we worked with Allen and his team to create a custom solution that is truly tailored to our needs. We have now been using the system for 2.5 years and it has been a powerful, data workhorse that is delivering on its promises."

KHAI FOO – Owner, Solus Decor, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sales Automation

“We’re ecstatic about the new iPhone app. for Ki Biz. This is the ultimate deal for us.”
Ralph Quilllin, Founder & Owner, Quillin Leather & Tack
"I have begun using the KiBiz iPhone interface. The nature of my work doesn't always allow me to be at my computer when I need to access customer and sales information. The KiBiz for IPhone allows me to access customer records, sales data, and product information from anywhere. As a result I am able to provide better customer service and I am able to track sales when I am out of the office. It is a great addition to the KiBiz business management system."

Chris McGraw -- Owner, Halibut Point Marine Services Sitka, AL
"The amount of time it takes for us to process all the data we do, has been drastically reduced. Sales automation scripts were developed to link us directly to orders. To comply with Amazon’s requirements KiBiz used EDI to automate all of the orders from Amazon. KiBiz has gone on to add more EDI links for other large customers of ours.

For smaller Revolver customers, KiBiz developed an automation script to parse data out of emails, converting email messages into orders."
Darren Mock, Director of Operations, Revolver USA -- Distribution
Because the KiBiz System provides HPMS with all customer data in one place – in real- time – now when a customer who is filling up his tank at the HPMS gas station wants to pay for his gas as well as his Storage bill, the high school student working in the gas station can easily access the amount owed for storage, print out a bill for the total the retail fuel charges as well as all services owed for at that time, and simply hand it to the customer for payment.
Chris McGraw -- Owner, Halibut Point Marine Services Sitka, AL
"The KiBiz Team are skilled in every area, from XML processing to all different things. I don’t think there’s anything they couldn’t make the System do. The KiBiz System has opened up totally new markets for us.

We now are able to download hundreds of orders in day from a large customer procurement site using the KiBiz Sales Automation Module. Then to keep both the distributor and the customer updated on the status of their order as it changes. KiBiz automatically sends updates back to the procurement site. That’s a big plus because everyone else that uses the same site has to do it manually. We’re able to give customers – our distributors and their customers, who are the end users of our products – what they need more easily and more quickly. This will save time and hours of labor, enabling our company to do a better job than our competition."
TREY MILLER – Office Manager/IT Director, EMA Atlanta, GA
“The biggest thing with KiPoint is it allows us to be more effective and more efficient in getting a customer taken care of, cashed out and our personnel able to move on to the next customer, instead of being bogged down manually processing each part of every purchase. The need for manually entering information on numerous forms has been eliminated. All data regarding an in-store transaction is entered into the system at the time of the sale and the inventory and accounting are automatically updated. At the end of the day it’s boom, boom we’ve got a report of the day’s transactions, we’re all set and ready to go”.
Ralph Quilllin, Founder & Owner, Quillin Leather & Tack
“Allen was really able to understand our process and he helped us to see how we could automate many of our functions. For years we operated our production and everything on a paper system. Through Ki Biz – working so closely with Allen – I was able move beyond the paper system, I was able to envision how efficiencies could be gained, not only through the collection and organization of the data but I was also able to capture how the automation of various parts of our business was possible.”
Khai Foo, Founder/Owner, Solus Decor

Customer Satisfaction

“I was never really able to stump the panel. And I threw a lot at them, again we have so many convoluted issues to deal with. Ki System's staff were so capable and willing to customize everything for me. It’s been great working with everyone on the KBiz team. They’ve devoted a lot of time and effort to it. The amount of time it takes for us to process all the data we do, has been drastically reduced”. – Darren Mock, Director of Operations, Revolver USA -- Distribution
Darren Mock, Director of Operations, Revolver USA -- Distribution
“I found KiBiz to be very responsive to our needs and, beyond that -- KiBiz has been right in there with us, helping us to solve problems that in some cases might be operational on our part and have nothing to do with the System at all.”
MICHAEL KREVITT-- Partner, Show Group Production Services, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
“It’s been worth every penny.”
LOUIS BENTIVEGNA -- CEO, Reliable Bakery, Brooklyn, NY
The overall relationship with KiSystems shows them as a progressive company willing to meet the needs of the customer. They are extremely responsive to our requests for programming changes and have worked hand-in-hand with our staff. We enjoy working with KiSystems utilizing their expertise to help make our company become increasingly efficient and productive.

Jon Stewart Senior Director Lamont Digital Systems, Inc.
"Allen has never been over budget. He gets a lot more done in an hour than we expected. He is easy to work with, and very thorough to look after all the details. He has an extensive knowledge of FileMaker Pro and has come up with many innovative solutions to our problems that have saved us a great deal of time and money."
M.Trejo, IS Manager, Hollywood Reporter, Hollywood, CA
“I liked the KiBiz approach and philosophy. Everything is all in one place and if you know a little bit about what you are doing with the software, you can make it work in a way that will require the least amount of energy. Everything is just really well organized. That’s what I liked about Ki Systems, the concept, and I didn’t find that in other companies I had looked at.
Tamara Gebhardt, Founder/Owner, Motor Music ‘N Motion.
"In an attempt to discover the best database for my business I have tried a number of alternatives. I thought I had found a good program with Biz Basics. My problems began when I tried to adjust the program to my company and my way of doing business. These efforts resulted in much expense and frustration. I have been much happier with the Ki Biz Systems database. The support from Ki Systems has worked to fit the database to my business. With Biz Basics I felt as if I had to adjust my long established business processes to fit the application. With Ki Systems, the creative and patient support services are dedicated to making the database work for me, and the way I like to do business. Thanks for a great program and superior customer service."
S. McCabe President, Merrimac Public Relations, Chatham, NJ

Faster & Easier

KiBiz is easy to use, yet very powerful and robust.
TREY MILLER – Office Manager/IT Director, EMA Atlanta, GA
Maybe the biggest difference the KiBiz System has brought to NY Brooklyn Bread has been the ease the System has provided for our growth. Where once I would have seen acquiring a new customer that had a chain of a hundred stores as a programming nightmare, today with the KiBiz System it’s a very simple data entry process. KiBiz easily handles our extremely large product line and all the variations for flavor, and texture. The scalability of KiBiz enables us to continue to develop our unique line of specialty products, and take on all the new customers those products attract.
Jarod Coppolo, Controller, NY Brooklyn Bread, Brooklyn, NY
"I travel frequently. The KiBiz system allows me to have complete control of the business, do everything I needs to do from the road, by accessing John Ernest’s KiBiz System remotely.

We’ve been using the KiBiz System for eight years; it makes everything much easier for us. We’re much more organized and that saves us a great deal of time. KiBiz makes it easy for us to find and keep track of all our orders, our invoices and all the data related to our business.”
Nancy Parella, President, John Ernest, Inc., Wayne, NJ

Customer Service

The staff at KiBiz are not only technical experts, they are very proficient in listening to the customer and giving the customer what they want. On many occasions, I simply described a feature that I would like to have, and it was ready for me to test the following day. I have never received this level of service or support from any other company in 15 years as an IT director.

The KiBiz staff are very easy to work with. Their response time is very quick. They have stayed up until midnight with me solving problems. With customization, that was a huge goal. It made the decision a lot easier for me each time I had a new customization request. KiBiz staff was there for us every time we needed them."
TREY MILLER – Office Manager/IT Director, EMA Atlanta, GA
"We have been using the KiBizSystem now for over 5 years. Probably the most important feature of your system has been the customer support. I cannot think of a single other vendor that supplies us with personal customer support on a timely basis. Thank you for your hard work and thank you for your fine product. "

G. Sperling, Owner, Blvd Pharmacy, Encino, CA
Through the process of building and implementing our system, I have been continually impressed with the responsiveness and service that Allen and Ki Systems have provided, and the depth of knowledge and innovation that they bring to the FileMaker platform."

KHAI FOO – Owner, Solus Decor, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Customize to Fit

EMA, Inc. is a nationwide wholesale envelope, stationary and business card supplier and printer. Our business has grown and evolved over the last 25 years, and so we have our software needs. Our old system was a patchwork of custom written and off-the-shelf software that was barely able to handle our fast-paced and complex operations. We needed a scalable, highly customized solution to run our business from sales to production, and also include a complete accounting package.

We searched for months and evaluated just about every possibility on the market before deciding on Ki Systems. We made a good decision.

The software itself is easy to use, yet very powerful and robust. Since it is a FileMaker-based system, we had the ability to completely customize it for our needs. The staff at KiBiz are not only technical experts, they are very proficient in listening to the customer and giving the customer what they want. On many occasions, I simply described a feature that I would like to have, and it was ready for me to test the following day. I have never received this level of service or support from any other company in 15 years as an IT director. The custom version of KiBiz that we use today is a sleek, powerful database system that has limitless possibilities to adapt to our company's growth. The final product not only met our expectations, it exceeded them.

As the technical director for several companies previously, I have had experience with custom solutions and software migration. This was the largest scale project I have undertaken, and was prepared for the worst. I was pleasantly surprised. The level of support and dedication to our success that we received from KiBiz was second to none. I spent countless nights and weekends making sure every facet of our business was covered, and KiBiz technical support was right there with me every step of the way.

Bottom line: Allen and his team are professional, thorough, and get the job done. I highly recommend any size company to consider Ki Systems for your business software needs. You will not be disappointed.

TREY MILLER – Office Manager/IT Director, EMA Atlanta, GA

I was blown away with your findings. Your Stress Shifter app clearly defined my needs to re-think where my stress comes from and how to reduce / move forward with my life. I moved forward through the 1st exercise and quickly realized myself more relaxed. Thank you for creating a tool that will be of help to so many.
Aaron Hyte
Once in a while a star app pops up, I think this might be the next heavyweight. Not convinced that this stuff is real, just check out their website. I am working through the first 2 steps and will definitely follow through. Thank you.
I found that running the stress shift exercises provided stress relief, by writing my desired outcome, and then stating the key challenge and how I can overcome it. Knowing that I have choices, and stating that clearly, was stress relieving, and also helps put focus on some of the tangible/external things I can do, as well as just being in the moment.
Bob Majors, IT manager, Univ. of Washington
No matter how skilled you may be at examining yourself and your business: you just can't address the toughest stuff yourself. You need someone to ask these questions for you; you need a partner to pull you out of your focus on the ostensible problem. Allen has always been able to shift our inquiry to exactly these most important issues; he has been an invaluable partner, and his coaching has transformed our business.
Allen has been instrumental in transforming our business for over two years now. And I'm always amazed at how he can acknowledge the insights we have and the progress we're making, and yet get at our assumptions-- and thus to keep pushing our business forward, well beyond where I'd have thought we could go.
I imagine many of Allen's clients share this experience: I thought we needed a coach, someone to bounce some ideas off. I had no idea just how badly we needed Allen, who got at the assumptions behind these ideas, and by keeping at it, got us to rethink everything.
John Sindelar, Owner, SeedCode, FileMaker Platinum Member
We use KiPoint to have our patients take a quick survey to rate their interests for possible procedures or treatments. KiPoint on the iPad, has given us a powerful tool to not only begin the conversation with our patients, but to also offer treatment options and proposals quickly and easily. With our 7 iPads using KiPoint in our office, we now have a much faster way to present our patients with a treatment plan and it's possible costs."

Dr. Jon Mendelson, of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Practice, Cincinnati, OH
Allen is a fantastic coach, adept at identifying and unlocking hidden potential in others.  Working with Allen has been critical in more than one breakthrough with myself and our team.  Our conversations have helped me pierce layers of doubt and allowed me to take leaps I might not have otherwise. With his help we identified new opportunities and redirected time and energy that would have otherwise been wasted. Our business runs smoother, I am getting more done, my team has opened up new business opportunities, and yet I still have more energy than before. What more could I ask?
Marty Thomasson, Owner, GearBox Solutions, FileMaker Platinum Member
Our team uses KiPoint to go to Trade Shows to make Sales quickly and easily using a bar code scanner and credit card swiper that is attached to the iPad. We have been looking for a tool like this for many years to use at our many Trade Shows. We are happy to have found KiPoint to use on the iPad. We have thousands of products, and KiPoint makes it easy for us to quickly find them and process the sale.
Bruce Bruno, of the Oregon Catholic Press, Portland, OR
The breakthrough I’ve experienced has gotten me to the point of loving myself, of really wanting to be me, and knowing that I have self-worth and value. I know that I am loved now. I never experienced that before this program. I have now left my corportate executive position, and formed my own company, where I have doubled my salary in just two years.
Jim Hunter, Business Consultant, former Company Executive
The most important thing for me about the Breakthrough Technology is that it gave me a way to find meaningful, enjoyable work and make the kind of money I need to provide for a family.
Howard Hirschfield, Production Manager
Using the tools of the Breakthrough Technology, I created a vision for myself of, I wanted to work with friends, I wanted to not worry about money any more, and I want to be doing something interesting. Now, I look back, and I see I’m working with my best friends, and it’s enjoyable work, and I’m making more money that I ever made before. So, I guess, the proof is in the pudding!
Val Vandebacouer, Marketing Director