KiBiz for Small Business CRM & ERP

KiBiz Helps Solve Business Process Problems

KiBiz Helps your Business Processes Flow Together

No more having to use one program for Contacts, one for the Inventory, one for the Sales, and one for Accounting. From Contacts, to Inventory, to Sales, to Fulfillment, to Purchasing, to Invoicing, to Payment Processing, to Accounting. KiBiz as a small business CRM & ERP connects all the essential business processes in one place so that they flow more efficiently and effectively.

KiBiz is Fully Customizable and Flexible

KiBiz also solves the problem of having to fit your business into the software. KiBiz can fit your Business by allowing you or us to customize exactly the way you need it to run. KiBiz is very flexible. No more workarounds, and settling for less.

KiBiz Helps your Staff Know What to Focus on Each Day

KiBiz makes it easy for each staff member to know exactly what needs their immediate attention. With a click of a button, they can know what are the current sales opportunities, the open quotes, the open orders, the open po’s, and the open invoices. This solves the problem of being overwhelmed with so many things to do, and so much data, by helping them focus on what is most important.


KiBiz Provides a Great User Experience

After almost 20 years of getting feedback from thousands of users we have learned a great deal about what users want and don’t want in their software. With the new version KiBiz 7 we have totally redesigned our database design, structure, and interface to provide an optimum user experience.

Know What to Focus On with Control Panels, Calendar, and List Views

There is an left side bar Control Panel in each module which contains a menu

of possible actions to take.

Your staff can quickly see what tasks, meetings and appointments are scheduled for the day with the Activity Calendar.

View what quotes need to be followed up on, what orders need to filled, what purchase orders need to be received, and what invoices need to be paid.

Powerful Search Filters to Quickly Find your Data

Users are given many ways to conduct quick searches to find the data they are looking for. Using Google-like search boxes, and other expert search methods users are able to quickly find the data they are looking for even when they have thousands of contacts or products.

Motivate Staff and Track Performance with Sales Goal Setting

KiBiz provides a way for a business to setup daily, weekly and monthly sales goals on the Main Menu Dashboard. Once, these goals are set then can select from over 8 chart types to display the chart they want to show how they doing to meet their Goal

Access Data Fast and Easily with Accordion Data Displays

Data is organized to reveal data as needed in the right side bar. Data can be progressively drilled down into as the user requires it. On the right side bar there are many data opportunities, to see more details related to current record the user is on. For example, in Contact Management module, the accordion headings allow them to see related locations, people, activities, sales, purchase orders, and more. In Products, the user can drill down on a product, to see related sales, purchases, inventory, serial numbers, and more.

Make Data Entry Easier and Ensure Data Accuracy with Business Process Guide Bars

KiBiz has defined easy to follow business process steps in each transaction module. The user is guided as they enter data and prompted to enter it completely before they can move to the next step. This ensures greater data accuracy, as well as supports the user to know what data is required to complete the process correctly.

Keep Track of your Inventory with Real time Inventory Dashboard

On the Inventory Dashboard, every transaction such as sales, purchases and returns are tracked to show real time stats on the current inventory, as well as pending sales and back orders to calculate the available inventory. Users can view inventory by multiple warehouse locations or view by all to get quick inventory status on each item.

Know Where Your Business Stands with Dashboards and Module Charting

On the Main Dashboard you can learn what sales have been done today, this week and month. You can know how many orders need to filled, invoices that were paid, purchase orders that were received, and much more.
In each module there is a home screen dashboard that shows charts of key metrics such as your top customers and products sold, top vendors and items purchased. You can see a monthly sales chart, monthly purchase chart, and many more.

KiBiz Add-ons


View all data by multiple stores, divisions, or profit centers within a business.

Allow users to track key data separated by how their business is structured.

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Customer Portal

Mobile and Web application that enables customers to enter their orders directly into KiBiz Sales module. Customers login via their browser on their mobile device or their computer to place their order. They will see their order history and can just edit the quantities on the items they want to reorder, or they can add new items. Upon submission, the order will show up in the KiBiz Sales screen to be processed.

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With the KiBiz eCommerce module you can upload all your product and inventory data to your website, and then download your orders directly in our Sales module. New customers are auto created in your Contacts module. This seemless integration will save time and efforts and enable you to process your sales faster and easier. KiBiz has built-in capability to connect to any Shopping Cart, as well as offering our own shopping cart based in X-Cart.

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KiBiz can automate the Shipping process by directly connecting to UPS, FedEx, USPO, or FreightQuote. We have fully integrated with the popular NRG Ship Manager Solution to offer to our users a feature rich shipping program. KiBiz was an early adopter of the NRG shipping software over 15 years ago, and many KiBiz customers enjoy the ease of being able to get ship rates, print ship labels, get tracking information, and send email confirmations directly from KiBiz.

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“In a single 8 hour day, one employee accomplishes much more using the KiBiz System, than three employees were able to accomplish in 10 hours a day, prior to installing KiBiz. I’m very happy with the system. I could go on and on about it forever because it absolutely has made my life a lot easier.”

LOUIS BENTIVEGNA — CEO, Reliable Bakery, Brooklyn, NY

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