As a 5th generation family business in the wholesale and retail Children’s Book market it was important for us to stay relevant in an ever changing and competitive market. KiBiz Systems has allowed us to not only do that, but grow and innovate as well.
Working with Allen and his team of developers has proven to be the key in in not just maintain our position in this market, but make us one of leading players in a field dominated by global publishing and distribution companies. Year after year, the ROI from KiBiz Systems has afforded us not only the ability to meet the changing landscape, but expand our opportunities.
Being able to work directly with KiBiz Systems developers in creating new components for our platform has been a vital part in keeping us ahead of the curve. We have been able to expand our sales opportunities through multi-channel ecommerce relationships, while also maintaining efficiency and cost effectiveness in our day to day operations.
Our almost 10 year partnership with KiBiz Systems has been an integral part of our success and hopefully allows us to continue for generations to come.
David Line, Books4School, Director of Operations and Technology