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To Our KiBiz Clients, Friends and Families,

Our hearts go out to anyone who has been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly. Our thoughts are especially with those who are sick, to whom we extend our heartfelt wishes for a full recovery. And we're truly inspired by the selfless healthcare workers around the world who are on the front lines working tirelessly to care for people in need.

During this very difficult time, we are all reminded that employees, financial operations, supply chains, and customer relationships are impacted by global events such as the one we are dealing with now. It is important that every individual, family, and business have a plan to meet this world health crisis with calmness, reasoned clarity, and confidence.

To this end, Ki Systems would like to help support our global business partners and communities that may be suffering financially due to the negative economic impacts of COVID-19.

We can help your business get up and running remotely, so your team can stay connected by operating all your business processes on one platform.

We can help you increase your business by easily connecting your Shopping Carts like Shopify and X-Cart, or Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

We  can strengthen your infrastructure and make up for lost staff by having an integrated, automated, and streamlined business management software platform.   

To make our KiBiz Software more affordable in these difficult times, effective immediately, we are offering a 30% Discount on our suite of business operations and e-Commerce tools to help create solutions for those who need help.

For more details or to schedule a call to discuss these opportunities, please click on the buttons below.

No matter what happens from this world health crisis, Ki Systems is here by your side and will be ready to help and support you in any and every way that we can to help us all get through this difficulty.


Allen Imbarrato CEO, Ki Systems Inc.


For more information on how KiBiz Systems can Help your Business run more efficiently, automate your work processes, expand the reach of your business to e-Commerce and new marketplaces, and help you get closer to your customers, you can take these next steps.

Dealing with the Stress of these Challenging Times

As some of you may know, Ki Systems also offers KiBalance.  KiBalance is about supporting your staff and team to maintain optimum performance by supporting their well-being through fostering a healthy mindset and body.  The KiBalance program offers an app and online course on Stress Management.   Stress Shifter has been an app in the iTunes App Store since 2011.  It is now available as a free Web App at   Our online course, "Learning Stress Shifting Skills to Be more Calm, Centered and Productive" is also now available to be taken anytime on any device.  We are currently offering a 50% discount (enter coupon code "SHIFT") on the Course Registration to support people around the world to better deal with the stressful situations we are all faced with.

In addition, we have produced a series of 5 short videos that are now available to view on our YouTube Channel "Stress Shifter."  These videos offer some practical tips on how to more effectively manage the stress of all the unusual circumstances we all find ourselves in, as well as dealing with the dangerous life-threatening Coronavirus.

Here are the titles of the videos that you can click on to watch now:

Mindfully Facing the Coronavirus Instead of Living in Fear Part 1 (2:51 min)
Consciously Facing the coronavirus and not living in fear is critical to having a sense of peace in our day. By the act of Facing we will become more empowered to effectively deal with the unpredictable world.

Becoming Calmer when Facing and Focusing on the Coronavirus Part 2 (4:12 min)
Learn about the ABC Mindful technique for Shifting Stress to become calmer when dealing with Coronavirus. Tips from Doctors that state implementing some common sense actions when you Face the virus is extremely helpful. Then taking it one step further to Focusing on the Coronavirus will foster a Freeing Mindset and help reduce stress

Tips on Dealing with the Unknown Coronavirus with Compassion Part 3 (4:47 min)
Helpful tips to create more effective responses to surviving the unknowns of the Coronavirus. We want to be able to have a mindset of curiosity not fear and worry.

Dealing with Feeling Out of Control with Coronavirus and Other People Part 4 (5:20 min)
Feeling like you don't have control over the Coronavirus? Tips on how to deal with feeling powerless and all the unknowns with the Coronavirus. Learning about having a good day living in chaotic world. And why not to not take other people’s reactions personally.

Overcoming Feeling like a Victim of the Coronavirus and Taking Vitamin G (Gratitude) Part 5 (4:54 min)
Easy to feel like a victim of the Coronavirus. How to transform this feeling into being empowered to set up Flexible Guidelines to more effectively deal with coronavirus. The power of Vitamin G (Gratitude) can also reduce stress.

- Lindsay Leimbach, Executive Director of KiBalance and Stress Shifter

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