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Our company founder, and president, Allen Imbarrato, offers business success coaching services to help your business achieve greater performance and your staff to have deeper personal satisfaction and alignment in their work and life. Mr. Imbarrato, is author of the acclaimed, “Breakthrough Technology Program to Create the Work and Life you Want”. This program has been featured and sold on TV and Radio through out the USA. He offers unique processes to achieve breakthroughs in performance based on the tools developed by Ki Learning Systems since 1986.

Having a breakthrough is about trusting, accepting, owning and expressing your true power.
Connecting more fully to your inner wisdom and power will free you to know what to do, when to do it, and enable you to play full out to achieve what you want.

Now, this powerful personal growth technology, has been combined with a powerful business management system, to make it easier to track your progress of achieving your goals.

Once the business vision is clear we then work on designing specific and measurable goals and strategies to realize your vision. Then we focus on identifying key metrics in KiBiz that can serve as performance indicators to measure your progress toward goal achievement. Business coaching can also inspire you to find new ways of operating your business and how to improve and automate your business processes and workflow.

He has also created the iOS app, “Stress Shifter” that has been downloaded by thousands of users around the world. StressShifter is about how to create desired results with more ease and less stress.

So, this combination of Business Coaching and Custom Software Development can lead you to produce extraordinary
results in your business and in your life.



Creating a Learning Organization to Foster Greater Innovation

If, your business is going to not only survive, but thrive , it will need to face and embrace the continual learning challenges in today’s highly competitive marketplace.  Technological and economic changes require an openness to learn to stay competitive. Sometimes, success can lull us into a false sense of security, and we can miss positioning our business for next big change and challenge.  For example, look what has happened to record, movie rental and book stores, since the advent of iTunes, iBooks, iPods, iPads, and other recent innovations.

The Learning Culture Coaching Program will explore key principles and building blocks that can help you create an optimum learning culture to produce innovative and successful products and services.

By building a learning culture and organization you will insure that your business can stay in the game and be more competitive to play full out.   The opportunity of the Learning Culture Coaching Program, is to examine your business systems, policies, attitudes, to optimize them for learning and growing.   As each individual’s learning process is encouraged and supported, the entire organization will grow and benefit.  As a learning culture is nurtured and built, it will empower your staff to learn more each day, leading to improved performance. 

Nurturing an innovative learning culture will help you:
-Provide better customer service
-Improve problem solving and troubleshooting
-Develop effective collaboration and teamwork
-Embrace change and technical learning challenges
-Retain current customers and staff
-Attract new customers and staff
-Produce high quality products

“No matter how skilled you may be at examining yourself and your business: you just can’t address the toughest stuff yourself. You need someone to ask these questions for you; you need a partner to pull you out of your focus on the ostensible problem. Allen has always been able to shift our inquiry to exactly these most important issues; he has been an invaluable partner, and his coaching has transformed our business.

Allen has been instrumental in transforming our business for over four years now. And I’m always amazed at how he can acknowledge the insights we have and the progress we’re making, and yet get at our assumptions– and thus to keep pushing our business forward, well beyond where I’d have thought we could go.

I imagine many of Allen’s clients share this experience: I thought we needed a coach, someone to bounce some ideas off. I had no idea just how badly we needed Allen, who got at the assumptions behind these ideas, and by keeping at it, got us to rethink everything.”

John Sindelar, Owner, Seedcode, FileMaker Platinum Member

“Allen is a fantastic coach, adept at identifying and unlocking hidden potential in others. Working with Allen has been critical in more than one breakthrough with myself and our team.”

Marty Thomasson, Owner, GearBox Solutions, FileMaker Platinum Member

Thank you very much for your coaching. You were exactly the right person at the right time as I set out to create a FileMaker development business. You are great at listening, and I always felt understood. You gave me useful advice on the nuts and bolts of things like running a business, negotiating contracts, and planning for growth. Most important, your coaching was a mirror that helped me perceive critical blind spots, deeper issues, and longstanding patterns of thought and behavior that were causing me to think small. I appreciated the way you challenged me — persistently but without judgment. You know how to go right to the heart of a matter without provoking defensive reactions. Because of your coaching, I am in a much better position to reach my goals.

Hastings Hart, Owner at Higher Mind Systems

Thank you so much for all the time and energy you spent with me as we leapt into the great unknown! You have given me a lot to ponder, many days past our sessions. I continue to notice and reflect on the aspects of our conversations where I felt resistance or got defensive. Those are the places I know I need to focus in order to keep pushing myself to manifest the successful business we envision. Thank you for pushing me and for encouraging me to always find my way back to the middle path.
Your years of experience in our industry have also been very helpful as we strive to carve out a place for our company.
I am also inspired by your success with your products and especially by your natural gifts as a coach. You have a lot of wisdom and patience and you truly make your clients feel seen and important. Our industry is very lucky to have you as a resource to aid us in breaking through blocks, and reaching higher for our dreams.

Deborah Norton, Owner at Higher Mind Systems

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