Case studies of businesses that have benefited from KiBiz


University AV Dept.


Cosmetic Surgery
KiBiz – KiPoint


Revolver USA

Music Distribution Service
KiBiz Distribution


Brooklyn Bread



Commercial Plumbing
KiBiz, Manufacturing, eCommerce


Solus Decor

KiBiz Distribution



Show Rig

Equipment Rental

Client List

African Botanics – Beauty & Skin Care Distributor
Hera Lighting – Lighting Distributor
Renaldo Sales – Agricultural Equipment Distributor
Revolver USA- Music Distributor
NY Brooklyn Bread- Wholesale Bakery, Bakery Distributor
Equiparts-Plumbing and Electrical parts distributor
Interstate Books4School- Book Distributor
New Yorker Films-Film Distributor
A.T. Villa- Lab Equipment Distributor
Reliable Bakery- Bakery goods distributor
Read Products- Cutlery, kitchen products distributor
John Ernest, Inc.- Packaging distributor
BioDirect, Inc- Lab equipment reseller
KW Cages – Animal Cage Distributor
Planetworks Enterprises- Music Distributor
Aladdin Films Distribution- Movie Distributor
Rich Group-Jewelry box Distributor
Orion Systems-Software Distributor
Sunrise Bakery- Bakery Goods Distributor
Olive Kids-children’s furniture distributor
Island Dogs- promotional items distributor
Phoenix Graphics-election ballot printing distributor

Boxwalla – Boxed Products Subscription Service
Advanced Cosmetic Surgery- skincare retail (Cincinnati)
Olive Kids- kids furniture (Vermont)
Carolina Cash & Carry-retail store (Miami)
Tacoma Propeller – retail stores ( Tacoma, Seattle)
Objeket Tabletop Props – Props for TV and Movies (Toronto)
Halibut Point Marine Services-boat gas and supplies (Alaska)
Quillin Leather & Tack-leather products store (Kentucky)
University of Melbourne Museum- gift shop
OCP- Catholic Press retail sales at trade shows (Portland)
Equiparts-Plumbing and Electrical parts ecommerce (Pittsburgh)
iHair Beauty- beauty supplies store (UK)
Grand Teton Brewing Company- brewery beer sales (Idaho)
Pure Order Brewing Company- brewery beer sales (Santa Barbara)
J Pocker Framing- art framing 5 Retail Stores in NY
Elite Baseball & Softball-Retail Store in Michigan

Crystal Tones – Crystal Singing Bowls manufacturer
Synthonix – Chemical manufacturer and distributor
Renaldo Sales Service- Agricultural equipment manufacturer
Read Products- Cutlery, kitchen products manufacturer
Solus Decor – Outdoor Concrete products
Equiparts-Plumbing and Electrical parts manufacturer (Pittsburgh)
Quillin Leather & Tack-Leather products
NY Brooklyn Bread- Wholesale Bakery
Frey Vineyards- Winemaker
Guard Dogs- Sunglasses manufacturer
Custom Composite Mfg – Medical supports and devices
John Suhr Technologies- Guitar Manufacturer
Metric Medical Devices- Medical device manufacturer

Equipment Rental
MIT Audio-Visual Dept-University AV equipment (Cambridge)
Luminys Systems- movie and TV production equipment (LA)
Waterline Pictures- movie and TV production equipment (LA)
LightLine Studios- movie and TV production equipment (LA)
ShowRig Productions – Movie/TV rigging equipment (LA and Las Vegas)
Commonwealth Events- Tent Rental (Virginia)
Miami Daylight Studios- TV production equipment (Miami)
International Well Testers- oil equipment-(Texas)
Bright Papa- video & photo equipment (NYC)
Combi Events- Corporate events in Europe
Splintered Forest- Fire prevention Equipment in Colorado

Professional Services
Advanced Cosmetic Surgery- plastic surgery
Guitar Centers Systems- custom audio/video systems
CP Systems – custom audio/video systems
Dan Ryder Field Drills-for school bands
Discover Publications-publishing
Shape Advertising- an advertising firm
Diocese of Cleveland- nutrition school lunch program
Phoenix Graphics-election ballot printing distributor
Music ‘N Motion-music tutor service
Heinsman Law Group- lawyers
Curtis-Meares Foundation-non-profit
Geskus Photography-school photography

Corporate Work Groups
Amgen-Sales & Marketing
Amgen-Professional Services
Disney Interactive
The Hollywood Reporter
Polygram Television

Citrus College
Diocese of Cleveland- nutrition service programs
John E. Reid & Assoc.- worldwide seminars
UK International Soccer Camps- soccer training

Bakery Distributors
All Food Distribution – Bakery good distributor
NY Brooklyn Bread – Wholesale Bakery
Reliable Bakery – Bakery goods distributor
Sunrise Bakery – Bakery goods distributor
Pane Extravanganza Inc – Bakery goods distributor
Bentis Fresh Bread – Bakery goods distributor
Olde Bakery Shoppe – Bakery goods distributor

Large Scale Printers
Knepper Press
Westcott Press

“It’s been worth every penny.”

LOUIS BENTIVEGNA — CEO, Reliable Bakery, Brooklyn, NY.

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