KiBiz Web

The Power of KiBiz Anywhere, Anytime and on Any Device!

KiBiz Web delivers the power of the KiBiz Business Management Platform in more accessible and affordable deployment

KiBiz Web was designed from the ground up to leverage the core power and functionality of KiBiz through a highly flexible and responsive device agnostic interface

  • Makes it easy and fast for remote KiBiz users to enter Sales, Contacts and Products with any device (Desktop, iOS or Android)

  • Makes KiBiz more affordable as it is a Browser-based independent Web App built on the Javascript Programming tools

  • Makes KiBiz fit nicely on any screen size with its flexible Responsive design

  • Makes KiBiz data readily available to know how things are going each day with a glance at the Executive Dashboard.


Executive Portal

Designed to deliver to executives at their fingertips those critical highly distilled and focused KPIs and Key Metrics throughout the day

Staff Portal

Designed to provide your staff with intuitive 24 hour access to enter and extract critical data as required


KiBiz Web Add-Ons

Sales Rep Portal

Designed to optimize your sales team’s efficiency anywhere, anytime and from any device

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Customer Portal

Deliver best-in-class customer experiences by allowing your customers to access their account information, submit orders and reorders, pay their bills, check their shipping statuses and more

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Vendor Portal

Improve your vendor relationships and deliveries by providing them with their own customized portal