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Key Benefits and Features of the Customer Portal

Have a Secure Login

Create Orders in KiBiz

Create Reorders

View Shipping Info

Pay their Bill

Secure Customer Login

Set up unique user names and password for your customers to login and place orders directly into your KiBiz Sales module.

Enable your Customers to Create Orders Each Day that Go directly into your Local KiBiz System

Customer Portal can be customized to same look as your current website.

Make it Easy for your Customers to View Invoice Details, Pay their Bill, and Easily Create Reorders

Connect to Authorize.Net or your preferred Payment Gateway to process Credit Cards online.

Allow your Customers to Get their Shipping Information on their Orders

Can connect to UPS, FedEx, USPO, or FreightQuote.Com shipping info.

“We’re ecstatic about the new iPhone app for Ki Biz.
This is the ultimate deal for us.”

Ralph Quilllin, Founder & Owner, Quillin Leather & Tack

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