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Ki Systems Offers Three Support Options for KiBiz Products
At Ki Systems, Inc. we take seriously the need to respond quickly and effectively to our customers requests for support. We understand how vital KiBiz is the day to day operations of a business.

Here are the Support options we provide:

1. Built-in Support Ticket System inside KiBiz that captures key user and machine data to assist in the support process. Allows users to easily track responses to support requests.

2. Web based Support Ticket System
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3. Web based help that is context sensitive on each screen

Yearly Maintenance KiBiz Support Program

We require the Support maintenance program to be part of the purchase of KiBiz. This ensures that your investment in software will bring you the desired results. Maintenance of the KiBiz software guarantees that all the standard features work and will be fixed at no extra charge. The Support maintenance program does not include customizations, or work done to resolve data entry issues, or user related errors unless they are caused by defects in the standard features. Once customizations have been paid for, they then will be covered under the maintenance program, as long as they are not further enhancements of the feature.
The first year maintenance is included in your initial purchase of KBiz licenses.

The Support program includes:
• Unlimited calls and emails to KiBiz Technical Support Monday through Friday between 8:00AM until 6:00PM Pacific Time excluding holidays.

• Priority Support Response- Customers in our Maintenance Program will receive priority response. We will respond by the next day to most requests.

• Remote Access Support- Customers in our Maintenance Program will receive direct remote access support where KiBiz staff can view and act if necessary directly on your KiBiz program.

• Software Tweaks- Minor modifications and changes to database fields, screens, scripts, and reports or creation of new reports which are directly derived from existing reports taking less than 30 minutes of programming time.

• Data Recovery- Any required technical assistance with the restoration of lost or inadvertently deleted data from backup files if necessary.

• IT Coordination- Any required assistance and coordination with IT staff related to the technical issues outlined above.

• Software Updates- Providing Customer with software maintenance updates and bug fixes, which, in Ki Systems determination, correct problems that prevent substantial utilization of the software.

• Database Application Updates.-Providing updates and assistance with updates to installed platform applications (for example — updates to FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server software)

• 50% Discount on Software Upgrades. Customers in our Maintenance Program will receive an opportunity to purchase software upgrades (new releases – see below) at a reduced cost.

Definitions of Terms
An Update is a minor enhancement to the software. An update is applied over software that you already have installed and is not a full software package. While updates may includes new features, they are most typically issued to address or resolve operational issues.

An Upgrade is a newer release of software you currently use with numerous changes and new features and would typically comprise a
full software package.


Ki Systems offers Training Options

1. One Free Training Session
To ensure our customers get up and running smoothly, we will conduct one overall training session at no cost. We are committed to making sure businesses realize the potential power that KiBiz products offer.

2. Webinar based In Depth Training
To train additional staff, we offer webinars that will focus on specific areas of KiBiz where we go into greater depth and detail. Such as Sales Training for sales staff, Purchasing Training for buyers, and Accounting Training for AR/AP staff.

3. Onsite training is also available upon request.

“I really appreciate the response time that our company gets from Ki Systems staff.With other software companies we wouldn’t know if or when they would respond. It really helps all our users to know they can get the support they need in a timely fashion.”

Kim Coles Equiparts, Pittsburgh, PA

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