One of the most important elements to running a successful business is having the right tools in your hands to actually run it. I went wrong three times before I found KiBiz Systems and I am finally delighted with the software and the abilities it has given us. If you’re reading this, you’re obviously looking for a solution to run your business so let me save you a lot of time, aggravation and money by recommending KiBiz without hesitation. African Botanics was founded in 2010. From the start, we knew we needed a system that could help with inventory, sales, invoicing, accounting, CRM, and many other features that I failed to get from other Software companies that we wasted tens upon tens of thousands of dollars on. Acctvantage, SapphireOne, and even NetSuite could not create or provide what KiBiz has so perfectly done for us. One by one, I paid for them, then dragged them to the trash can and deleted them. Together with our money. As a USA-based company that manufactures all our products in South Africa, we need to be able to manage and control every element that goes into making them from afar. And as an Apple Mac-based business, we needed to find a solution that could run on Macs so I Googled “Mac Based ERP systems” and turned down the wrong road from the same bad search… So much for learning from mistakes. But the 4th time was a charm. As a Filemaker Pro fan for many years, it dawned on me to try Google, “FileMaker Pro ERP systems” and to my luck, KiBiz Systems came out on top. First page. Ready and waiting for me to contact them. I was greeted back by their president, Allen Imbarrato who led me through an online tour of the software. He listened to me complain about my bad experiences, answered every question I had and listened to every need I wanted the solution to achieve. And he took notes. Out of the box, KiBiz was able to do what the others could not but it didn’t stop there. Our business has grown over the years and our processes are very intricate and involved with overseas manufacturing and many components sourced from around the world. We needed a solution that could tie everything together, marry all the foreign exchange rates and bring us to one unified system that ties into our own server to carry all the data to the teams around the world… So, the guys at kiBiz custom built every feature I dreamt of having at my fingertips. From the countless customizations in KiBiz itself to an online vendor portal that connects our USA office to our South African office and all our vendors around the world, we now have everything we could ask for. Imagine a portal where our suppliers and manufacturers log in to interact with us through our purchase orders, work orders, multiple warehouse management, inventory tracking in multiple countries - then have them be able to record our manufacturing details and send them back to us through the click of a mouse. Packing lists, case cartons with custom-designed label creation that tracks every unit we order and manufacture, all kept in a single database and online at our very own portal that allows our factories to enter our new inventory and invoice us with a few clicks. It used to be an invisible fantasy that now just works for us perfectly. None of the other ERPs could deliver what we asked for, but KiBiz has delivered on every request and in phenomenal time. With KiBiz we have now got barcode order entry, barcode order picking, packing, and shipping. All automated to help us run our business at the speed of our imaginations. And that is only a fraction of the incredible solution KiBiz has created for us. Finally, I want to share the other most impressive feature that KiBiz has, and that is their team. The people behind the product who make it possible to do what all the others failed so badly at. If you call them, they will answer the phone. If you email them, they will reply to you and if you need a moment of assistance, they will take control of your mouse and click you through to the remedy you need. Four months ago, Allen Imbarrato the president of KiBiz set a weekly 9 am video conference meeting with himself, his team of programmers and me - and they have not missed one week since then. If that does not show you the level of personal investment they make to their customers, then you should call NetSuite or SapphireOne. You’ll regret it very quickly. I hope this recommendation helps find your perfect solution and solves the issues you’re trying to fix. KiBiz Systems for African Botanics Inc - 10/10 CRAIG NOIK - CO FOUNDER AFRICAN BOTANICS INC.