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Turnkey POS Solution
Easily Deploy with Multiple POS Devices

KiPoint POS
can be used
for things

  • Retail Sales
  • Sales Reps in the Field
  • Order Taking in Restaurants
  • Client /Patient Intake System
  • Trade Show Booths

KiPoint POS is a Total Solution for your Business

KiPoint integrates the front and back house operations into a single integrated solution. Designed to increase security, stability, ease of use, and speed of service. KiPoint's streamlined ecosystem provides you with the right tools to run each business process more efficiently.

KiPoint can integrate your Retail sales with your eCommerce sales to keep track of your inventory in real time.  KiPoint can track all your revenue streams as they flow into the robust KiBiz Accounting module.

Make Sales Anywhere

Use KiPoint for iPad to quickly process retail sales.

KiPoint POS Key Features

KiPoint POS Checkout Screen

KiPoint POS Sales Dashboard Shows Key Metrics

Know how your business is performing each day, week and month at a glance.

KiPoint POS Works with Many Devices

KiPoint Works with Credit Card Terminal, Barcode Scanner, Handheld Credit Card Terminal, and Cash Drawer

Multi-Store Capability
Coordinate Info, Inventory, and Sales with Website and Multi Stores.

KiPoint is capable of handling multiple store locations to track each stores sales, inventory, gift cards, and other key info.

Easy Order Entry
Quickly enter Items

Enter Orders by BarCode Scan, Item No. Lookup, Touch Item by Category

Checkout Screen
Multiple Payment Methods to Process Payments Quickly

KiPoint POS Checkout Screen

Get Paid Any Way
thru Integrated Credit Card Processing

KiPoint allows your customers to pay with traditional credit or debit cards, gift and loyalty cards, chip cards (EMV), or with mobile applications

Custom Sales Reporting
Keep up with Sales with customized reports

KiPoint gives the ability to pick the date range, the fields, and the output to create the custom reports you need

Capture Customer Info
Manage Customer relations better

KiPoint enables you to capture your customers information that can be used for marketing, shipping, credit card processing, order history and more.

Product & Inventory Mgt
Store Key Product Info and Track Inventory Better

KiPoint stores important product, pricing, inventory information to more efficiently manage your items

Built-in Rewards Program
Increase Customer Loyalty and Sales for Offering Rewards

KiPoint built-in reward program inspires increased customer loyalty and sales

Gift Card Management
Issue and Track Gift Cards for Multiple Stores and Website

KiPoint has the capability to issue, track, and use gift cards bought on your website or in a store, to be used in another store, or on your website

Staff Scheduling & Timesheet
Coordinate and Track Staff Scheduling more Efficiently

KiPoint provides the ability for scheduling staff, entering time, and viewing a Staff Calendar

KiPoint POS is connected to KiBiz CRM, Inventory Management, and Accounting to provide a robust platform to run your entire business


KiPoint POS can be used on the Cloud, Desktop and the iPad at the Same Time

Bolt KiPoint POS on to your Existing Claris FileMaker Solution

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KiPoint Screenshots

What Clients are Saying about KiBiz

Slide "In a single 8 hour day, one employee accomplishes much more using the KiBiz System, than three employees were able to accomplish in 10 hours a day" LOUIS BENTIVEGNA — CEO, Olde Bakery Shoppe, Brooklyn, NY Slide "In searching for a single solution we reviewed several options, and determined KiBiz to be the best value. It was a great decision." GARY ALLRED – PRESIDENT, SYNTHONIX, WAKE FOREST, NC Slide "Now that KiBiz has given me the total package, I feel confident, the business will continue run smoothly, when I am not available. 11 out of 10 stars!!." KYLE THORNTON, CFO Economy Lighting and Electric Inc., Camarillo, CA Slide "We can program it to do anything we want. This freedom to innovate has created a powerful solution that fits our complex requirements. KiBiz is a great solution for many businesses." BEN D’AMICO – OPERATIONS MANAGER, CRYSTAL TONES, SALT LAKE CITY, UT Slide "One of the most important elements to running a successful business is having the right tools in your hands to actually run it. I went wrong three times before I found KiBiz Systems and I am finally delighted with the software and the abilities it has given us." CRAIG NOIK –CEO, AFRICAN BOTANICS, SANTA MONICA, CA Slide “What used to take ten people all day to do, now takes us half a day and one person. The company would not have been able to grow the way it has without KiBiz in place for the past 18 years.”

Slide “We went from a totally chaotic time wasting “paper based” office with our sales and operations departments not knowing what each other was doing to a fully integrated efficient office with KiBiz.”

MICHAEL KREVITT– Partner, Show Group Production Services, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Slide “ We made the right choice with KiBiz. In addition to all the built-in features, they were able to customize the software to meet our specific needs. These customizations have drastically increased our ability to keep the shelves full and quickly service larger customers.
LEON OLDAK – Owner of Carolina Cash & Carry, Miami, FL
Slide "We went through a pricing exercise for reaching out to 14 different companies in an effort to find a new front end software. At the end it was between Salesforce and KiBiz. Salesforce was way more expensive, and not easily customizable. Wheras, KiBiz was easily customizable and much less expensive for the same value." Charles Chaussinand — Operations Mgr, MIT, Boston, MA Slide "Everyone loves it. They do. I notice the efficiency increases. I mean, we probably are saving at least five man-hours a day compared to what we're doing before. That's 25 hours per week, and over 100 hours per month. ." Chris Pofi — Operations Mgr, Equiparts, Pittsburg, PA Slide "The most impact by KiBiz has been saving lots of time by handling manual processes, tedious processes, and now people can spend their time on more important things. And by having more accurate data because a lot more things are automatically calculated, such as our complex pricing matrix. " BEN D’AMICO – OPERATIONS MANAGER, CRYSTAL TONES, SALT LAKE CITY, UT



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