FileMaker based Customizable Business Management System Software to perform basic business operations anywhere- on the desktop, web, smart phone, and iPad.

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Connect Parts
KiBiz connects the key parts of your business into one integrated business management system software that can help run all essential business processes. From managing contacts, staff and customer relations, to managing the sales, inventory, purchasing, fulfillment, invoicing, payments, and accounting, KiBiz has it all.
Accelerate Processes
Take orders from the web, the register, the phone, email, fax and even the iPhone.

KiBiz can then quickly process them all by turning them into:
• shipping orders
• purchase orders
• work orders
• invoices and/or
• production orders.

The inventory is automatically updated with each transaction.

Customize to Fit
Unlike most off-the-shelf software that a business tries to fit into, KiBiz can be easily customized by us or by you to fit your business processes exactly. Our customers enjoy taking advantage of the user friendliness of FileMaker Pro, and open source code to continually tweak and improve their KiBiz System.
Get Better Results
The more your business is systemized, the more it will run efficiently. The more efficient it is run, your customers will be more satisfied, and you will be able to serve more customers.

KiBiz helps maintain more accurate data, and cuts down on errors, which also increases customer satisfaction.

With this FileMaker based solution you can easily systemize and automate your business, so there will be more time to enjoy the fruits of your business.