b a l a n c e

with the KiBiz Business Management Platform


Free your time by simplifying,
streamlining, and automating your business with KiBiz

Are you running the business,
or is the business running you?

KiBiz will give you a new level of freedom by:

  • Eliminating Disconnected Apps by no longer settling for fitting your business into limited software

  • Streamlining Workflows by connecting all your data in one integrated system

  • Saving Precious Time by automating your work processes

  • Sparking Innovation by operating on a flexible easily customizable platform

  • Systemizing your Business to free up resources and enjoy life more

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Expand your Capacity, Markets and Sales

Maximize Profitability with Greater Efficiency and Expanded Sales


KiBiz will Grow your Business by:

  • Improving Efficiencies by reducing work arounds and eliminating double data entry

  • Strengthening your infrastructure with real-time inventory management, sales and purchase automation

  • Handling more Business more Effectively by having all staff working in one program at the same time

  • Working more Closely with Customers and Vendors with Customer and Vendor portals, integration with collaboration tools such as Slack, Ring Central, Dropbox and more

  • Increasing Sales by Opening New Marketplaces such as Amazon, EBay, and Facebook

  • Saving Time and Effort with integrated eCommerce  X-Cart, Shopify, and Magento

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Find the right Balance between Work and Life!

Focus on what is most important
to win at work and life!


KiBiz will Balance your Team & Business by providing:

  • A Stress Profile to help your team learn about possible imbalances and shifts to be more centered

  • An easy to use Web App to transform stress into productivity and resilience

  • An Online Course to optimize brain/mind functioning, reduce chronic stress, tap hidden creative powers, and gain clarity on what is most important

  • Access to a Well-Being Program to help your team become more calm, empowered, and healthy

  • Daily Practices to build new neural pathways to transform old brain stress producing patterns to achieve greater freedom, growth, and balance

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