Salesforce is an industry behemoth, whereas KiBiz is more of a boutique software company. With that said, you might think that salesforce is a no brainer, but, if we take a look under the hood at some key differences between the two, the outcome might surprise you…
Tale of the tape
Both software’s offer both a monthly fee per user, and a discounted annual fee.
While salesforce has two options, Essential, and Professional.KiBiz, has a single pricing structure for any size team.
When it comes to features the Salesforce Essentials package doesn’t really compete with KiBiz, so in this section we’re really just looking at how KiBiz stacks up against Salesforce Professional.
Surprisingly in this category, they pretty much trade punch for punch, or, feature for feature with KiBiz taking a slight edge in sales team and calendar systems, salesforce professional and salesforce essentials offers a mobile app and for online functionality where KiBiz 9 does not. However, in terms of customization and roles and permission salesforce professional has two per organization as we are KiBiz is unlimited in both categories.
Furthermore KiBiz 9 offers a series of features that don’t exist in salesforce professional.
Additional KiCRM Features
Product Interest Tracking
Create Email Campaigns by Product Interest
Integration with Mail Chimp/Klaviyo
Tagging Capability for Filtering, Searches, Campaigns
Sales and Order History by Account
Analytics of Email Campaign Activity
Easy to Customize (Auctions, Scraping)
Flexible Ability to do Work Flow Automation
Additional KiBiz related CRM Features
Integration with Ebay
Integration with Copia Website
Ability to Create Work Orders
Ability to Create Purchase Orders
Integration with Purchasing History
Integration with Inventory
Integration with Accounting
Staff Organizer
Center of Excellence Tracking
KiBz Addons Available
Sales Rep Portal access via Browser
Technicians Portal
Customer Portal
FileMaker Go Mobile App
Detailed High Level Understanding of your Business based on 12 years experience
Responsive Customer Support
In conclusion, the decision always comes down to personal preferences. If your aim is to go with a large scale CRM like Salesforce that’s understandable. However, a very important thing to take into consideration is that with large software companies it can be more difficult to customize and tailor the software to your business needs.
With KiBiz one of the major advantages is that it’s a fully customizable system that can be tailored to fit whatever specific needs your company has. Often times it’s easier to have a software tailored to your business than it is to tailor your business to a software. Think about it like buying a new suit. Does it make more sense to have to lose 25 pounds in order to fit into the suit that you’ve purchased, or would you rather have a suit tailored to fit your current weight?
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