Now that the conference is over and we've caught our breath, we wanted to remind you of a few things...

KiBiz Systems, Finalist, Outstanding Development Award!

KiBiz Systems was honored to be one of the 5 finalists for this years Claris Award for Excellence in Development of Innovative Solutions. Being a leader in innovation is our passion and one of the reasons why we deliver industry-leading products to our many clients and partners worldwide.

KiBiz Systems, Finalist, Outstanding Development Award!

We have had a wonderful response to our DEVCON Discount, so we decided to extend the discount a little longer to allow more of you to save on the platform that can bring Freedom, Growth and Balance to your business and life. Don't miss out on this once-a-year discount!


All Things Old Are New Again, FileMaker is now, Claris!

We are very excited about the new rebranding of FileMaker to the classic brand, Claris! This huge change brings with it a new direction to the company that we are thrilled to see. Click here to learn more about the new direction and here for a fun video. 


KiBiz Web and KiBalance Released at DevCon 19!

After many years of development we released new KiBiz Systems Products.   See below for details on how KiBiz can now be accessed in any Browser on any Device.

Also, learn about our new offering KiBalance, which is a program to reduce Stress, and increase Well-Being in your Team for each person and the business to perform at a higher level, be more healthy, and enjoy work and life more.


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New KiBiz Version 8.5

KiBiz will give you a new level of Freedom by:

  • Streamlining Workflows by connecting all your data in one integrated system

  • Saving Precious Time by automating your work processes

  • Sparking Innovation by operating on a flexible easily customizable platform



Here are just some of the new innovations to our industry-leading Business Management Platform:

  • Dynamic & Responsive Executive Dashboard that shows Key Metrics and Charts in each Module

  • Robust UI/UX Improvements to make KiBiz more User friendly and easier to navigate

  • More API Integrations (PayPal, MailChimp, Slack, Ring Central, Google Calendar)

  • Amazon Marketplace Integration

  • Module Home Screens to show key metrics and graphs in each business area

  • CC Vault to provide PCI compliant credit card data storage for repeat customers

  • Multiple Window Feature to allow users to view many modules at one time

Introducing KiBiz Web 1.0



KiBiz Web delivers the power of the KiBiz Business Management Platform in a more accessible and affordable deployment:


  • Makes it easy and fast for remote KiBiz users to enter Sales, Contacts and Products with any device (Desktop, iOS or Android)

  • Makes KiBiz more affordable as it is a Browser-based independent Web App built on the Javascript Programming tools

  • Makes KiBiz fit nicely on any screen size with its flexible Responsive design

  • Makes KiBiz data readily available to know how things are going each day with a glance at the Executive Dashboard.

Introducing KiBalance 1.0



Key Workplace Benefits of the KiBiz KiBalance program:

  • KiBiz KiBalance program:

  • Reduced Health Costs

  • Increased Well-Being

  • Improved Performance

KiBiz will Help your Team to Be Better Balanced by Providing:

  • A free Stress Profile to help your team learn about possible imbalances and make shifts to be more centered

  • A free Stress Shifter App  to use to transform stressful situations to be more calm, centered, and productive

  • An Online Course on Stress Transformation to optimize brain/mind functioning, reduce chronic stress, tap hidden creative powers and gain clarity on what is most important

  • Daily Practices to build neural pathways to transform old brain stress producing patterns to achieve greater freedom, growth and balance