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   Today's topic is

"Track Inventory in Real Time"

KiBiz Inventory Dashboard Gives you

Critical Information to Know Where your Inventory Stands in Real Time.

Strengthen your Infrastructure so you can Grow your Business


On the Inventory Dashboard you can see all data by each Warehouse Location or All Locations such as:


Inventory Overview

Available Inventory

Current Inventory


Inventory Log of All Transactions



Product Sales History

Pending Orders

Back Orders

Customer Returns



Purchase History

Pending Purchases

Vendor Returns


Inventory Tracking by Item

Inventory by Serial

Inventory by Lot Number

Every Transaction in KiBiz Auto Updates the Inventory

Having up to date inventory data is critical to having an efficient business that can serve your customers with greater speed and accuracy.

  • Your Sales and Purchasing teams, can know in an instant what products are available, and how many are needed to fulfill orders. 

  • Items can be received and fulfilled by serial and/or lot number.  The Sales history will tell which products are hot and which are not.  

  • The inventory log will give you the inventory value on any given date. The inventory can also be easily adjusted with new inventory counts.

Multiple Warehouse Capability in KiBiz

There is the capability to track inventory by warehouse, or location within a store.  As many locations or warehouses as you need can be setup and tracked throughout KiBiz. 

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Fortunately, we made the right choice with KiBiz. In addition to all the built-in features, they were able to customize the software to meet our specific needs. These customizations have drastically increased our ability to keep the shelves full and quickly service larger customers.LEON OLDAK – Owner of Carolina Cash & Carry, Miami, FL