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The KiBiz Four Step Build Sales Process

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Step 1: Enter Customer Info--

Select Customer and it will bring in all their Contact Person, Contact Numbers, Billing and Shipping locations.  Select the Ship location or Enter a Drop Ship location


Step 2: Enter Sales Info--

Enter Customer PO, Shipper, Tax Info, Salesperson and more. Most of the Sales Info can be set up in the Customer Info so that it will auto-populate each time there is a sale.


Step 3: Enter Items and Services--

Pick Products, Scan Barcodes, or Duplicate from Previous Sale. Items can be quickly picked by entering an Item No. or Item Name, select by Category and Sub-Category, or select from their Customer History. 


Step 4: View Summary & Process Order-- 

Tweak Quote, Enter Payment, and Turn to Order/Invoice.  Accept payments by processing Credit Card payments directly, use Pay Pal, charge to Customer Account, apply Gift Card or Store Credit, and more.

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