KiBiz 8.5

Overcoming The Pain Points of Point of Sale!

THE "WAIT & HOPE" CUSTOMER CARE STRATEGY POINT OF SALE CAN BE A REAL PAIN IN THE CASH REGISTER Whether it's glitchy payment processing, the lack of a wider system integration capability, expansion capability, poor customer experiences, lifetime cost or one of the many other potential pain points with point of sale systems today. WHY A GOOD POINT ...

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Customer Care Means Getting Closer to Your Customers!

THE "WAIT & HOPE" CUSTOMER CARE STRATEGY The lightning pace of commerce today generally means that, for most businesses, customer care is an after thought. Just staying up with the day-to-day flood of activities to keep the doors open is about all that can be accomplished. With this dizzying pace, trying to proactively provide customer care and develop closer relationships with your customers, tends to move down the list of priorities...

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Don’t be Afraid to Grow Your Business Through e-Commerce!

THE FEAR OF COMPLICATION So many businesses today have made the decision to forgo the potential domestic and global growth that can come through online sales. For most, it is the fear of complication. Their fears center around the connecting of their products to an online cart, either on their own website or connecting to a larger marketplace like Amazon and many others.

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Equip and Empower your Business with KiBiz End of Year Special Offer

For a limited time, you can save 20% on KiBiz software and bring new Freedom, Growth and Balance to your business and life by either purchasing the KiBiz Business Management Platform or upgrading your current version of KiBiz to the latest version.

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Expand your Business with Shopping Carts, Customer Portals, Marketplaces and API Integrations

Expand your Capability to Handle More Business with Shopping Carts, Customer Portals, Marketplaces, and API Integrations

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Integrate and Connect All of your Key Processes

Connect all the Key Work Processes with KiBiz to be More Efficient and Waste Less Time and Money

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Simplify All of Your Business Processes

Eliminate Multiple Apps to Simplify your Business to Run with One Program that your entire Team can use Anytime, Anywhere.

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Real Time Inventory Tracking

KiBiz Inventory Dashboard Gives you Critical Information to Know Where your Inventory Stands in Real Time. Strengthen your Infrastructure so you can Grow your Business

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Automate Your Sales Process

To further inform you about the tremendous capabilities contained in KiBiz, the affordable business management software, this article focuses on its amazing power to automate the processing of sales.

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